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Who's Sari Now?
Rosena Sammi Jewelry has partnered with the NGO Apne Aap to educate young girls rescued from the red light districts of India. All sales from our "Who's Sari Now" Bangles, which use upcycled saris and is made with the help of the women of Apne Aap, will directly benefit the education of these girls, with 20%-25% of the proceeds from each sale going directly to Apne Aap. Please see specific products for details and join together with us to help these promising girls. To learn more about Apne Aap and how you can make a difference please keep reading and follow us on social media as we document our mission #whossarinow.

Apne Aap started out as an informal group of 22 women in the red-light areas of Mumbai, India, who helped journalist Ruchira Gupta make an Emmy award winning documentary called ‘The Selling of Innocents’ on the trafficking of girls from the villages of Nepal to the brothels of Mumbai. Towards the end of filming, the women asked Ruchira for help to protect themselves and their daughters from prostitution. Ruchira reminded them that they had protected her from being killed by someone who had pulled out a knife during the filming. She asserted that by collectively standing up against the injustice in their lives they could help themselves and each other. They agreed and formed a woman’s collective. Thus Apne Aap, meaning self-empowerment in Hindi, was born.  Today Apne Aap has made a difference in over 22,000 lives across India. Ruchira, a winner of the Clinton Global Citizen Award, has become a leading sex trafficking abolitionist. To learn more please visit www.apneaap.org 

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