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Beautiful jewelry, made fairly
Hand Crafted

All our products are hand crafted as we focus to preserve traditional artisan techniques and work against the fast fashion model of mass-globalized production.


Female empowerment is a critical mantra of Rosena Sammi Jewelry. We seek out women’s collectives to create our collections wherever possible. We especially like to partner with women who have survived hardship and tragedy and are working towards a better future. What can we say? We think the future is female!


Our Who’s Sari Now? Collection, handmade from recycled and upcycled fabrics, is the epitome of our sustainability goals. We are constantly looking for ways to integrate more sustainable practices into all our productions and are partnering with eco-friendly workshops to achieve this.

Fair Trade

We work hard to ensure the artisans we work with receive fair wages, excellent skills training and work in safe, healthy, work environments. We strongly believe that skills training is the key to empowering people and building strong, thriving communities.

Improving the Lives of Children

Many of the women we work with are single mothers. Our jobs provide them with an income to improve the lives of their children, which is always their primary goal. We also love to give to groups that support children. 25% of sales of our best-selling Who’s Sari Now Bangles is given directly back to support the education of the children of the women who make these bangles.

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