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Guided by the values of female empowerment and environmental sensitivity — while never losing sight of a woman's power to turn heads when she enters a room — Rosena Sammi Jewelry is dedicated to the innate human drive to express individuality and creativity.

Working with women's collectives, NGOs, and local cottage industries in India, Sri Lanka, Lebanon, and Morrocco, Rosena's collections are crafted by artisans who faced the burdens of multigenerational poverty, famine, war, and sex trafficking. Given the right tools, a living wage, and the opportunity for an education and a career, they craft repurposed materials and precious metals alike into wearable art. The result is a timeless marriage of old-world artisanship and style that has swept through the pages of Vogue, Harper's Bazaar, and InStyle and rocked the red carpets of Hollywood, the movie sets of Bollywood, and the concrete jungles of Madison Avenue. 

A native New Zealander of Sri Lankan heritage, a Manhattan attorney, and a women's rights advocate, Rosena grew increasingly concerned as she watched fast fashion and disposable lifestyles replace artisanship with exploitation, waste, and a disregard for the origins of what we consume. That is not the world Rosena Sammi envisioned for her two young daughters, nor the direction she wanted for her company. After a decade of producing diverse collections, Rosena relaunched her jewelry line in 2017, redoubling her commitment to handmade and fair-trade pieces to do her part as a global citizen and to be a role model for her daughters. No compromises. No exceptions.

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