Unfair & Lovely Posted on 7 Nov 22:57

We loved when the hashtag "#unfairandlovely" went viral on social media last year. What a wonderful celebration of loving who you are! Skin-whitening cosmetics (including Fair and Lovely, which this hash tag poked fun of) is a multi-billion dollar industry promoting the narrative that beauty equates with white skin. Nothing could be further from the truth and three students at the University of Texas, including Mirusha Yogarajah pictured below, decided to challenge this idea by starting a movement to love your dark skin.  Read more about their campaign here.

We were particularly touched by this, because in places like India and Sri Lanka, the importance of fair skin is rife.  We wanted to celebrate what Unfair and Lovely means! Dark is beautiful too!  Here's Mirusha wearing our Monsoon Ribbon Bangles and our Who's Sari Now? Headbands.  A strong woman and a great role model, perfection!