Ostrich Eggshell Jewelry Posted on 6 Mar 13:00

Jewelry made from Ostrich eggshells? It’s a thing! And we’re bringing it to you care of an exciting partnership with Omba Arts.  Based in Namibia, Omba Arts is a women’s collective that allows these skilled artisans to earn sustainable livelihoods through their craftsmanship. Through their work on projects like ostrich eggshell jewelry, these talented women are able to provide food and shelter for their families and become economically stable and independent.

The timeless tradition of ostrich eggshell jewelry has been perfected over thousands of years. Individual pieces of the shells are rounded by hand into beads in a time consuming process, and unique and individual designs are etched onto the shells. The  beads are strung together on a piece of sinew to create a timeless and entirely unique piece of jewelry.

Stay tuned for our collaboration out this summer!

Find out more about them here: Omba Arts