Inspiration From Northern Vietnam Posted on 6 May 17:43

They call it the land of staggering beauty and dynamic people, but I call it the land of infinite possibilities…especially when it comes to being creatively inspired!  From the beautiful bamboo forests to the breath taking temples atop mountains to the untouched landscape of rice paddies, Vietnam did not disappoint the eye.  But even more intoxicating, were the people, who were so warm and open, I constantly felt like I was traveling amongst family.  From trekking with the beautiful Hmong People of Sapa to riding a motorbike through Ninh Binh, Vietnam is now one of my favorite places in the world. 

And check out the pictures of my jewelry re-design in the hills of Sapa.  I fell in love with a necklace worn by one of my trekking guides, she happily parted with it, but I insisted on a small re-design. The knives came out and the final product was perfection.