Apne Aap Gala 2017 Posted on 25 Sep 10:11

Last week I was thrilled to attend the inaugral Apne Aap gala in NYC. It is amazing where some bangles and recylced saris can take you! But there I was listening to heroes like Gloria Steinem espousing on the power of women and seeing inspirational women like Ashley Judd being honored.  And the icing on the cake?  Being able to share some of my Who's Sari Now? Bangles, which are of course made by the survivors of Apne Aap, with all the attendees.  For a fantastic write-up on the whole event and to see some gorgeous pictures, check out the blog post by my new friend, the luxury fashion blogger, Mary Dyann.


Look what's in the gift bag!

Diandra Barnwell of So Cosmo! In the Who's Sari Now? Bangles

Two feminist heroes: Ashley Judd and Gloria Steinem.