A Crusader To End Sex Trafficking Posted on 1 Aug 22:43

Taina Bien-Aimé, Director of the Coalition Against Trafficking of Women (CATW), is a lawyer, mom and a passionate crusader to end sex trafficking.  Recently, I had the pleasure of interviewing her and hearing more about her transformative story of being a black, gay woman practicing law in an old boys’ club and pivoting to her true calling of fighting for women’s rights

 “I went to law school not to become a Wall Street corporate lawyer but for training in breaking down systems of authority and power,” she said in our interview. True to her word, she now uses her law degree as her weapon of social change through her leadership of CATW. Her story is an inspiration, not only in breaking down barriers, but also in finding a career you truly love.

Another reason we love Taina? She’s an ardent supporter of our partner, Apne Aap! Check out the picture of her wearing the Who’s Sari Now? Bangles. She’s the perfect model, embodying her own advice (which we love!) “be authentic, be brave.”

Check out our video below and read the interview in its entirety at alawyerslife.com.