Meet Vivienne Harr! Posted on 15 Dec 22:10

I was so thrilled to connect with Vivienne Harr! She's a smart, talented and sweet young girl, who also happens to be a fantastic model for our Who's Sari Now? Collection.  Read on to learn more about Vivienne's story and see some of her gorgeous pictures.
Vivienne is the 11-year-old Chief Inspiration Officer of STAND, a mobile application and social community where people can find and connect with others around causes they are passionate about. The STAND story began when Vivienne was 8 and saw a photo of two enslaved boys in Nepal. Her compassion moved to action, as she launched a lemonade stand to raise money to end child slavery. She raised $100K+ with her lemonade stand and did her lemonade stand every day - rain or shine - for 365 days. The STAND app is the next chapter in Vivienne's journey, putting the power of compassion Vivienne had into the hands of anyone, anywhere. On the app, you can discover awesome nonprofits and create a STAND for a cause that matters to you, to raise funds or awareness for the organization. Click here to download the app and learn more!
Vivienne is passionate about female empowerment and shared that "girl empowerment is important to me because both genders deserve the same treatment. If we all work together and STAND together, we will be one happy human race." Here, she's wearing our headband and she shared: "I like this headband because it is beautiful inside and out. It is a symbol of equality."
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